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Finding solid and reliable information can be challenging, even at the best of time.  Our goal is to create our own data, and link you to the best resources out there. Whether they are hatch charts we have developed using local resources and our own personal time on the water, links to up-to-the-minute water flow tables and charts, a Match the Hatch reference to figure out what is underneath those rocks or coming off the water- we will have it here for you to make your journey a little easier.


Hatch Charts

Screen Shot 2015 06 02 at 11.30.35 PMGrand River Hatch Chart

Whitemans Creek Hatch Chart

Saugeen River Hatch Chart


Water Levels and Conditions

Wateroffice - Government of Canada -  A fantastic resouce provided by the Government of Canada.  Keep track of river flows on every trip, and keep a log for future reference!

Wind Guru - Keep track of the wind!  We use this site often and its forecasting to forecast the effect of wind on our upcoming trips.  Reliable and accurate, we watch it all the time!

Environment Canada - No clutter or adds about cat food, Environment Canada's website is easy to navigate and straight to the point!


Useful Links

Ontario Trout & Steelhead - A fantastic site with local knowledge on our trout, steelhead and salmon angling.
Fly Fishing Lingo - Need to know what a term means in the fly fishing world?  Redington has an incredible list with definitions that will help you out!

Ontario Fishing Regulations - Keep up to date on angling regulations, its a must and your responsibilty!

Ontario Fishing Licences - Forgetting this may cost you dearly!  Don't forget to keep it on your person while on the water.

Fish ON-Line - If you're curious to what swims in the waters around you, use this app to find exactly what does!

Troutnut  - Don't know that that bug is that you saw your last time on the water, this site will make it easier to research and find out exactly what it was.  


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